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Advising Professionals

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As businesses, institutions, and governmental bodies seek to enhance their policies, laws and regulations, Janet is available to share her expertise in elder rights and long-term care to help organizations improve and protect the quality of care and quality of life for the aging and elderly. Janet has over 30 years of experience practicing elder law, advocating for her clients at Bet Tzedek Legal Services, where she also instituted four large scale initiatives: the Caregiver Coalition, Transitions Coalition, Elder Justice Initiative, and Self Help Conservatorship Services. She successfully secured funding for these programs with grants totaling over $3 million from the Archstone Foundation, the UniHealth Foundation, California Equal Access Fund, and the California Office of Emergency Services. Janet’s intimate working knowledge of elder care law and the resources available to her clients allows her to offer an invaluable perspective as a speaker and consultant. ​


  • Law reform, policy and protocol development

  • ​Strategic advice on elder abuse and neglect cases or investigation

  • ​Expertise on legal capacity, substitute decision-making and conservatorship/guardianship issues

  • Professional training for health care provider and social service agencies​



Popular Topics:

  • Planning and Paying for Long Term Care

  • Planning for Incapacity

  • Capacity and Decision-making

  • Protecting Frail Elders



Past audiences include:

  • AltaMed Health Services Corporation

  • Alzheimer’s Greater Los Angeles

  • Kaiser Permanente

  • KNX Radio

  • Los Angeles Caregiver Resource Center

  • Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health-Older Adult Services

  • National Guardianship Association

  • National Paralegal Association

  • Southwestern School of Law

  • UCLA School of Law

  • Univision

  • USC Department of Social Work

  • USC Family Caregiver Resource Center World Congress on Adult Guardianship

  • World Congress on Adult Guardianship


Janet co-authored and edited numerous publications including:

  • The Caregiver Companion

  • Nursing Home Companion

  • Assisted Living Companion

  • Limited Conservatorship Guide

  • LPS Mental Health Guide  


Janet has served on numerous boards and organizations devoted to law and elder care:

  • AltaMed Health Services Corporation

  • Alzheimer’s Association

  • Judicial Council of California

  • Little Hoover Commission

  • Olmstead Advisory Committee

Janet Morris is always a requested speaker both for our professional and consumer audiences. 
- Alzheimers Greater LA
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